DJR1 TRA Mountain ramps (415/441 blend)

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Product Specifications

When ordering a set of these ramps with a clutch kit then 10 % off on the ramps  [with complete clutch kit]  Note- the form does not show the 10 % off, this is something I will do when I process the order.  You will see the discount in the first email from me.

Question DJ ramps)  do you think running your mountain ramps instead of the 441 would benefit me in any way?

Answer) the difference in the mountain ramps is they are more (revvy) in the bottom end.  Engine braking is stronger and holds 3~4 mph lower than stock 441 ramps w/stock gearing.  Need more (burst engine speed) from the engine to pull up to a tree and jump it, the steeper angle of these ramps will provide a quicker burst of engine speed.

Watch this example of Jumping Jack Rondeau from 50 seconds to 115 to see what I mean.

Jumping Jack Rondeau - 154 Summit using DJR ramps w/130 start force primary spring.

Three inch track (T3) with stock 438 ramps run great.   With a NON-T3, taking an older XP summit and converting to a 3-inch then remove the stock 441s and replace with my mountain ramps even if its a 150ish inch length.  Cannot get a set of DJ mountain ramps?  The next best ramp is the 438.

It is the harder and more efficient engagement with the ground of a 3 inch paddle that can cause the engine speed to grunt, taking a bit too long to achieve rated engine speed.

Even now, BRP with their T3s have a 438 ramp to overcome what I mention in this commentary.

The backshift is more crisp and sharp with the ramps than any other ramp I can mention, including the 441 and 438 ramp.

$125 Canadian
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In 2008 on the XP summit, I started to work on this making of a 415 ramp that worked better than the 413 ramp without the 413 overrev qualities at high elevation.  The ramp evolved from summit owners themselves telling me what to do to make it into something that worked better overall.

Daltonindustries makes this ramp for us.

Mar 2008, Dootalk Summit contributors helped out (click)

After years of success with it, I was called up one day by Tom Petersen in Montana who helped team-ind with their summit clutch kit calibrations.  He mentioned the problems they were having and asked if my ramps could help out. He ended up taking a couple of sets of ramps.

2 years later in 2015 season, team-ind copied my 415/441 ramps and kept them in their product guide for one season.  team-ind discontinued in 2016.

At least Dynamo Joe can be known for the one who made them first.