Gen 4 Ski Doo 850 Turbo/Expert Extra Air Intake Vent Kit

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All parts are Black Powdercoated

Don’t let a tree branch ruin your day of riding! These Intakes and Protectors keeps you riding all day, worry free!

Other kits on the market restrict your intakes, robbing your engine of needed power. This added Air Intake Vent Kit makes sure your sled always has enough air to put out maximum horsepower with instant throttle response.

All options include a powder coated aluminum frame combined with hydrophobic, extra durable prefilter all backed with an extra strong mesh. We’ve been building vents since 2005 and know these will hold up to abuse from the toughest riders.

– Extra Air Intake Vent Kit (2 Pieces): Adds 25% additional intake vent surface area ensuring your motor always has access to adequate air even on the deepest days! Vertically mounted so they will never plug with snow. Improves throttle response.