2016-2019 - Polaris Pro X 600 HO Axys, Cooker Can

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All Cooker Can Things are designed and built to match the stock exhaust flow numbers. Prior to production they are tested at elevations from 1500 ft up to 7500 ft. Cooker Cans are designed so they do not require fuel or clutching changes and they will not throw any engine codes.

Cooker Thing - Snowmobile exhaust fits Axys chassis - 2016 - 18 Polaris Switchback 600 HO and 2016 Polaris Pro 600 HO

  • Painted black
  • Hands Down The Best Cooker On Planet Earth For Sleds
  • Comes with dual tier SS cooker pot
  • Includes everything you need for installation. 
  • Weighs 8 lbs / 3.7 kg
Hot Goodness - Ribeye Steak N Chicken Artichoke Brats Cooked From Raw in about 30 Min Depending On Your Happy Finger,
  • Just One Of The Many "Things" It Cooks Well. 
  • Best Performance Cooker Can On Planet Earth.