Clutch kit for 2020.5 G4 850 Turbo Summit (984 Ramps) Sea Level to 13000 Ft.

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You Must Verify What Primary Clutch Ramps Before Ordering!!

In the Special Instructions For Seller Box:

Please list the information below to insure you get the kit and instructions set up specifically for your application.


  • Sled Year & Model ?
  • What Primary Ramps Are In Sled?
  • Track Length & Lug Height ?
  • Aftermarket Exhaust What Brand ?
  • Motor Modifications ?
  • Stock Gearing ?
  • Riding Elevations
  • Riding Area / Type ?
  • Rider Weight + 30 Gear = ?
  • Turbo ? Estimated Hp ?
      • Product Specifications

        Clutch kit for 2021 G4 x 850 turbo summit that was sold for 3k~12000 feet, using the stock 994 or 903 pDrive ramps.  This kit can be used from sea level to 13000 feet. 

        • In 5 minutes, a quick tune with the change of a bolt and spacer.
        • Cooler clutch and belt temperature
        • Smoothest engagement
        • Quicker backshift
        • Strongest engine braking
        • More track speed
        • Pulls hard to the finish

        I love the smooth engagement to feather the track to get unstuck.  Its the strongest engine braking I've ever felt. 

        A test guy said to me "I could stand up and drink a coffee coming down this hill haha". 

        Opposite of that, crack the throttle and BANG....7900~8000 rpms, hang on. 

        The kit digs deep, pulling out all the muscles from the engine.  It has the ability to make them useful not only wherever, but however you run your sled.

        Tight connection between your thumb and snow.  Drive the clutching as smart as you want.  A tree rider's delight.

        Throttle control
        Feather smooth engagement for slow, wrong foot forward.  The handlebars dont surge, tugging on your hands.  After you made it, blip the throttle, time it right, do a victory wheelie.  You'll burst more track speed for the next climb.

        Pulls hard
        When you want to drive more aggressive, the feeling is like having a gigantic hand on the front bumper, pulling you up even the steepest hill. "woo hoo" and then its holding the sled back with strong engine braking coming down.

        When you need the power to overtake your buddy, there is more power on tap to speed up and pass.  30mph side by side breaking fresh snow, full throttle, pull away strong to the finish.

        Good mileage
        Drive the clutch kit with the same fuel economy as stock clutching, most times even better.  With the low revving at part throttle, high torque feature when you need to drive for fuel economy on the way out >> Drive it gently and you will be rewarded with lower fuel consumption at part throttle, arriving back at the trailer.

        There is more engine power under your thumb, just waiting to be used.

        Elevation examples

        20.3 gram pivot weight @ Sea Level to 8000 feet.  You can leave 1000 feet and go to 8000 and the kit runs the same.  You can leave 8000 feet and go down to any lower elevation, the engine speed will be the same.

        With 20.3g pivot bolt, you can change to clicker 4 for 9000 and clicker 5 to 10000 feet.

        or change to (takes 5 minutes if needed)

        19.1 gram pivot weight @ 9000 feet, clicker 4 at 10000, clicker 5 at 11000 feet

        or change to (takes 5 minutes if needed)

        17.7 gram pivot weight @ 11000 feet

        With clicker adjustment to fine tune engine speed, if you go outside of a 2000 foot range you normally play in.